The NeighborWorks® Network

NeighborWorks® America is the country’s preeminent leader in affordable housing and community development. We work to create opportunities for lower-income people to live in affordable homes in safe, sustainable neighborhoods that are healthy places for families to grow. Headquartered in Washington, DC, NeighborWorks® America operates through a national office, two regional offices and seven district offices.

NeighborWorks® delivers many of its community-focused programs and services through the national NeighborWorks® network – 236 independent, community-based nonprofit organizations serving more than 4,500 communities nationwide. These organizations engage in revitalization strategies that strengthen communities and transform lives. More than one-third of these organizations serve rural communities. Together with its national and local partners, NeighborWorks® provides grants, programmatic support, training and technical assistance to its national network.

Recent Years

In the last five years alone, NeighborWorks® organizations have generated more than $8.5 billion in reinvestment and helped more than 500,000 families of modest means purchase or improve their homes or secure safe, decent rental or mutual housing.