Foreclosure Prevention

The following courses are offered as a free service:

Post-Purchase Classes

Monthly “how to” and “hands on” maintenance courses that cover a variety of topics, including foreclosure prevention, interior paint, ceramic tile, and others.

1 class per month – approximately 2 hours

These short monthly classes address a variety of issues to help homeowners keep and fix their homes. Some topics include doing your own taxes, sheet rock repair, painting, finding and working with a contractor, interior design on a budget, laying ceramic tile, landscaping and gardening and much more. Requests for class topics are encouraged.

Foreclosure Prevention

Our loan counselors work with clients when they have fallen behind on payments to assist in making a plan to keep clients in their homes and prevent foreclosure.

Predatory Lending

Being aware of fraudulent or deceptive behavior is a must for new homeowners. Housing and Urban Development research shows that foreclosure rates drop significantly amongst homeowners who attend home buyer education courses before purchasing a home. NeighborWorks® Dakota Home Resources can help you gain valuable knowledge for dealing with issues that may arise in the future.


We Offer

NeighborWorks® DHR provide assistance and post purchase classes which deal with issues that may arise in the future.

Available Classes