Lemmon Avenue


Neighborhood of Choice

The Lemmon Avenue Block Club was formed in 2009 as a way to organize the neighbors to become engaged and empowered to work with the Rapid City Police Department and the City of Rapid City to take back their neighborhood from drug and criminal activity. The partnerships they created are strong and ongoing.

The neighbors are proud to call the Lemmon Avenue area the “Neighborhood of Choice” where residents choose to live. They invite you to join the garden or just come see what a great neighborhood they have.

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The goal of the block club is to get all community members involved, especially the youth and seniors, through neighborhood projects. An exceptionally successful project has been the community garden where the block club has successfully shown residents how to grow and enjoy their own food. They have partnered with the Master Gardeners of Rapid City who share information with the residents at their monthly meetings. Also, in conjunction with the Rapid City-wide cleanup, neighbors gather to clean the garden and their neighborhood as a beautification project. Other projects have included painting homes during Paint the Town and block club picnics.